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Working to maximize school’s rankings have never been more important. Government intervention in higher education coupled with a decline in jobs over the last few years is forcing colleges and universities to take on greater responsibility when it comes to supporting students through the career placement process.


And while you are focused on rankings, you grapple with questions such as . . .


How can I review, improve content, and properly format a high volume of resumes within a short timeframe?


How can I prepare a large number of students for successful interviews without over-burdening the coaching staff?

How do I meet the on-going needs of students who are not very effective in their job search efforts?


How can I support our valued alumni with their career related needs while balancing the same for our current students?


Is there someone who can help my career services team when they are struggling to keep up with the daily demands of coaching and executing programs?


Meridian Resources can help! We provide proven solutions to help career centers enhance their overall effectiveness to seamlessly support both current students and alumni. As an extension of your team, we will help you . . .

- Maximize your placement rate potential allowing you to retain your student funding

- Dedicate more resources to your career services department, while generating an enhanced opportunity to convert students into employed alumni

- Improve student enrollment and retention while encouraging increased alumni contributions as a result of positive placement results

“We have successfully partnered with Meridian to deliver the best and latest in career-management services to GWSB students and alumni. Meridian effectively augments the center’s existing services and resources for career transition and career management.”

Gil Yancey, Executive Director - F. David Fowler Career Center

The George Washington University School of Business

"We are delighted with the resume review support University Solutions provided us during a very busy time.  As a result, we were able to see a higher level of student engagement with the career center giving us more time for focused coaching with students to enhance market readiness and employment at graduation!"

Caleigh McElwee & Mike Crespi, Associate Directors

Undergraduate Market Readiness & Employment

Wake Forest University School of Business

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