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Meridian Resources, Inc. occupies a unique position in the world of career consulting.  As seasoned experts in the field of personal career enhancement coaching, Meridian has provided career transition, career management, and entrepreneurial coaching services to corporate-sponsored clients since our inception in 2000.

Meridian's leadership team had always envisioned extending services to universities.  For several years, we made a committed investment to develop and perfect a model and delivery platform that would meet the unique demands of business school students and alumni.  In 2004, Meridian's University Solutions division was officially launched and we began our partnerships with highly respected business schools.

In a world of technology-driven, do-it-yourself programs, Meridian takes coaching back to its original roots by providing a one-on-one, personalized coaching platfom to meet the individual needs of each student or alumni we serve. 


Coaching Team

Meridian brings the best-in-class coaching team to the partnership.  All of our coaches offer extensive experience providing career transition, career management, and entrepreneurial coaching to professionals and executives

We hand select coaches who have strong business backgrounds and are highly experienced leading individuals toward desired outcomes.  Our coaches are well-versed in serving the unique needs of the university student or alumni.



Meridian takes full advantage of the most current technologies to deliver our services.  To engage in services, a student or alumni simply needs to pick up the phone or launch a virtual-conference to get help.

Our online career center, provides instant access to proprietary modules written exclusively for the busy business school student or alumni.  Content on the portal may be customized and branded by each school to create seamless bridge from the career center to Meridian.

To show a return on your investment, our cloud makes customized reporting a snap and gives your career center leadership the information necessary to keep a pulse on services being rendered.



Meridian understands that working with a university b-school student or alumni takes flexibility.  Our coaches are not bound by traditional office hours.  They are available to their clients evenings, weekends, and even holidays. 

Appointments are set to meet specific objectives for just-in-time delivery of coaching service.  We work with clients across the United States and beyond, making our flexible schedule work for any client regardless of geographic location.



Meridian Resources, University Solutions, stays abreast of best practices in executive career development, employer relations and alumni relations in order to bring the newest customized solutions to our client universities.

In addition to delivering first-class coaching services, the University Solutions division consults to B-School leadership, engages in curriculum development, conducts ongoing research, and delivers presentations to academic and corporate audiences alike, continually driving toward excellence in the ever-exciting field of career development.  We take every opportunity to promote our partnership model not only internally, but to peer institutions through joint presentations to professional organizations and through publications in professional journals.

"The coaches at Meridian Resources have been very active in helping the students in the Executive MBA Program at Virginia Tech. Our students have a diverse educational and professional background and they represent all sorts of industries. The coaches at Meridian Resources, understand that these are professionals and executives with very specific professional development needs and they assist each student with a very professional service. I highly recommend Meridian Resources."

Ana Karime Shamloo

The Pamplin School of Business - Virginia Tech

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